Rock Solid Bodies

Hinging off my Gym Series–an investigation of this peculiar, stage-like environment where there is a hyperawareness of our bodies in a private yet public space—Rock Solid Bodies is an offshoot of wearable sculptures that allows my paintings to be brought to the streets. Unrestricted by conventional gallery spaces and large canvases, I aim to play with the absurdity of having a “rock solid” gym body by making one out of it.

Channel inlay is a form of metalsmithing akin to collaging with hand-cut stones with strips or “channels” of sterling silver set between each stone. Another technique used in many of my works is a pillow inlay, where each stone is rounded and polished separately, instead of cut flush all at once. With these works, I want to reshape what wearables can have the potential to do, serving as a conversation piece outside of traditional contemporary art spaces.

Body Language Collection (and other Figuration)

With semi-abstracted figurative elements, my Body Language Collection explores the nuances of non-verbal communication in how we express emotions like melancholy, grief, irritation, or happiness.

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